- Free HIV & Hepatits C testing
- Free PrEP – (Once a day pill to prevent HIV)
- Assistance with Health Care needs
- Free Live Love Life Club Membership

We provide free medication and healthcare services

Whether you, your loved one, a friend or a stranger in the community needs help because they are suffering or at risk from acquired diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C; we are here to help and care for your needs. People with chronic Hepatitis C can often have no symptoms and don’t feel sick. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, but getting tested for Hepatitis C is important because treatments can cure most people with Hepatitis C in 8 to 12 weeks.

Free PrEP

(Once a day pill to prevent HIV)

Free Testing

HIV & Hepatits C

Assistance with Health Care needs

Dental & medical

Access to care for everyone

We provide access to care for economically disenfranchised, and/or racially and ethnically diverse populations. We work with and reach out to every member of the community


We help patients and people at high risk to check their health and see if their are positive or a high risk of infection with our clinical testing partners


We explain the diagnoses and options available to provide peace of mind to patients to ensure they have access to medication, treatments & a nutrition plan


We place our patients into our care ecosystem of services to provide long term healthcare and reduce infection and improve overall healthcarev


We provide specially developed education programmes to help acquired disease suffers live life to the fullest. Our education programmes and seminars provide everything needed to manage medication, mental wellbeing and more...

Community Connections

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community by providing solutions that make our community healthier. Our Community out reach team are there to reach every person that that needs help. We visit heart of communities and seek the people at high risk to ensure a brighter and healthier future

Live Love Life Programme

Life Love Life programme provides a 360 approach to giving all round healthcare and safety to economically vulnerable patients that are suffering from acquired diseases.

  • Assistance with your co-pays
  • A case manager to you with your needs
  • Routine lab work & Diagnostics covered
  • Transportation assistance
  • Assistance with housing & utilities
  • Free dental plan
  • Free medication delivery
  • Health education
  • Incentives for compliance
  • Medication management